If you are having trouble finding the perfect home to suit your needs, it may be a beneficial option to look into building your own home.  We can assist with convenient construction financing that we can convert to a permanent loan once the building process is completed.  At US Home Mortgage, we will coach you through all stages of the construction process.

The initial stage of prequalification is absolutely free. Prequalification is a very important part of the process as it allows you to see how much you can afford.  Most builders require a preapproval letter in order to begin the construction.  Next, you will fill out an application.  This is available online or you can make an appointment to complete this process in our office. At this time, you will be supplied an application checklist which will list everything needed to begin the loan process.  With the help of US Home Mortgage, the experts in new construction, the process will be easy!

One benefit available at U.S. Home Mortgage is the ability to lock an interest rate over an extended period. Extended locks give you protection from financial market fluctuations during the construction period.